Favorite Things for Moms! (GIVEAWAY!)

Sometimes, God surprises me with little tokens of his love – an unexpected note of encouragement from a friend or the miraculous provision of a financial need. I revel in these reminders of God’s gracious and sovereign character in my life, because as a mother I have a tendency to become consumed by the world of my family.

Schedules, dinner plans, family relationships often take center stage in my heart. So to pull my attention back to him, God uses these love tokens to remind me that motherhood should include setting an example to my children that there are no borders on God’s love. And as God’s servants, we are compelled by his love to serve more than just our immediate family, but rather, the entire world.

One such love token given to me by God was the discovery of The Adopt Shoppe – an adorable Etsy store of handmade jewelry and Scripture wear made by an equally adorable shop owner named Kate.

Wanting to expand their family from two children to more but unable to do biologically, Kate and her husband began the exciting journey of adoption.

“Through the miracle of adoption, we are blessed to have another daughter and we are in the process of adopting again!!” Kate explains on her Facebook page. “I opened my little shop to help pay for our adoption expenses. Every penny of profit goes toward our adoption(s).”

Kate’s passion for adoption is conveyed in her jewelry. Her wooden tile necklaces are gentle reminders of the importance of the biblical mandates to care for the less fortunate and love one another. In some of her necklaces, she uses fair trade materials such as recycled paper beads crafted by Ugandan women.

“The women carefully roll strips of magazines by hand into lovely, unique and earthy looking beads,” said Kate, explaining that many of these women left a life of picking trashing or prostitution and now depend on their bead-making skills to provide for their children.

This week The Adopt Shoppe introduced a new line of necklaces made from tagua (tog-wa) nut beads, a sustainable product made from the nuts of South American rain forest palm trees. As an eco-friendly product, they provide employment for nearly 35,000 people.

“I am passionate about orphans and try to do everything I can for them. Whether it is a child in Africa, on the other side of the world, in a homeless shelter, or foster care system here in America, there is no difference,” writes Kate. “These children in need (through no fault of their own) need the ORDINARY people in this world (like me and you) to give them help to change their world for the better. We can’t change the whole world by helping just one, but the whole world for that one…CHANGES,” Kate says.

Don’t you just love it when people practice what they preach? But don’t you love it even more when they propel you to do so as well?

Because The Adopt Shoppe is one of my favorite things for mom’s, we’re giving one lucky reader a $20 gift card to use in Kate’s Etsy store! To enter to win, simply ‘like’ Hive Resources on Facebook! Then come back and leave us a comment telling us you did so! For non-Facebook users, simply leave us a comment. If you already ‘like’ us on FB, then consider sharing this article with your pals. Giveaway ends Friday, Jan. 13 at midnight! CONTEST HAS ENDED!

According to Random.org, the winner of the $20 gift card to The Adopt Shoppe is DAWN (comment #13). Congrats Dawn! You’ll be receiving an email from me shortly!

Special thanks to Nicole Seitler of the Sugarplum Paperie for permission to use her digital designs to create our “Favorite Things” headers.


  1. Vickie says

    I have known Kate since she was born. She is a fabulous person and I am so proud of her efforts to help orphans. Her children are precious. Adding another child to their family will bless not only them, but their extended family and friends, too. I will ‘like’ you on facebook and share this with my friends. THANK you for this giveaway to help a deserving family with their adoption!

  2. Melanie says

    I had never heard of Hive Resources until seeing a friends link about the give away for the Adopt Shoppe. Looking forward to checking your page out. I “liked” you on Facebook.

  3. Lindsay says

    I liked you on Facebook! I have purchased a few items from the Adopt Shoppe for family members as we are in the process of adoption ourselves.

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