Free Leaders Guide for Memorizing 1 Cor. 13

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday, I learned that a women’s group from a local church was taking my 4-week Scripture Memory Challenge for 1 Cor. 13 and forming their own Abide Group.

In case, you’d like to form a small group to keep you accountable to meditate on God’s Word, I’ve compiled all my notes into one downloadable PDF.Free leaders guide to help your small group memorize 1 Cor 13 {Hive Resources}

Free download

In this file, you’ll find talking points, discussion questions, and the Scripture card for each week. Download the 1 Cor. 13 Leader’s Guide here! 

My Abide Group missed a few weeks here and there due to scheduling, but next week is our final meeting. The group has been such a blessing to me as I try to dwell on God’s Word and allow it to change my heart.

Here’s some ideas for your group:

  • Keep your group small

You’ll want to give everyone in your group a chance to recite the week’s designated memory verse. You’ll also want to include an appropriate amount of time to discuss what the Spirit has shown group members and allow for questions. Small group numbers facilitate better, more intimate conversation.

My group consists of four ladies from my church plus myself. Any larger and I think intimacy would be a little more challenging.

  • Keep your schedule rather than rescheduling around missing group members

I created the Abide Scripture Memory Groups with a short-term schedule in mind simply because I didn’t want anyone to loose steam in their passion to memorize a specific passage. Postponing your meeting only slows down the memorization momentum.

  • Keep Scripture memory a priority throughout the week

The point of the Abide Group is to dwell on God’s Word throughout the week. Group members will get more out of the challenge if they are actively allowing their minds to meditate on God’s truth. That’s how God’s Word transforms our hearts. But if we save memorization for the last minute, we won’t get very much out of  it!

  • Keep an eye out for potential leaders

Discipleship is a task entrusted to every believer, not just those gifted with teaching skills. As mentors, we need to keep our eyes open for training potential leaders capable of rightly dividing God’s Word. The goal of the Abide Groups is to multiply. That means, Abide group leaders should encourage another group member to pray about starting and leading their own group.

  • Keep it fun!

Bring small prizes with you to give to ladies who have completed their memory work. Bring bigger prizes if they can repeat their designated verses along with all the verses from the previous week. For smaller prizes, I’ve given out candy. For larger prizes, I’ve raided my “gift bin” for small trinkets.

Are you forming your own Abide Group? I’d love to hear from you and how God has transformed your heart by meditating on His Word!

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