Girl Power Giveaways! (Winner Announced)

Biblical womanhood is no joke! The task of living out God’s divine design for women is hard work, and sometimes a girl just needs a little help! To help empower you to live out biblical femininity, Hive Resources is giving you the chance to win one of these inspiring “girl power” resources.

How can you win one of these books? Simply ‘like’ Hive Resources on Facebook and come back and leave us a comment telling us you did so! (Be sure to tell us which book you have your eye on). For non-facebook users, simply leave us a comment. Giveaway ends Friday (Oct. 21) at midnight! We’ll pick five winners! CONTEST HAS ENDED! Winners announced at bottom of post!

 Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World by Carolyn McCulley

Written to her “thirty-year-old self,” author and speaker Carolyn McCulley’s book ‘Radical Womahood’ is not for the weak. In a market flooded with books on biblical womanhood, McCulley writes about feminine faith from the perspective of a single woman. A former feminist and women’s studies student, McCulley upholds the path of true joy and fulfillment comes when a woman embraces the radical nature of what it means to be created in the image of God.

Book Summary: With radical feminism dominating the media from magazine pages to television sitcoms, Christian women are increasingly (and often unwittingly) misled as to the destructive path of feminism for faith and life.  ‘Radical Womanhood‘ describes what it means to be made in the image of God and live truly empowered, radical lives as women of faith.

What I liked about the book:

  • The author includes real, personal stories of courage and victory from women who have transitioned from feminism, prostitution, and abusive marriages to find joy in embracing biblical womanhood.
  • The author provides a condensed view of the women’s suffrage and reform movements, while allowing the book to read as a practical tool for inspirational living.
  •  The author allows the God-created role of “helpmate” first outlined in Gen. 2:14 to include a wife giving counsel to her husband, negating the unfair characterization by feminists that the biblical principle of submission means a woman must act like a dormouse.
  • The author emphasizes a woman’s need to form an independent faith, particularly in broken marriages and crisis situations.

Who should read this book?

  • Single women. Although married women should read this book, I think single women (of all ages) particularly will draw inspiration from the author as she shares both past mistakes and present successes on her journey of living out biblical womanhood as a single woman.
  • College girls. As a former women’s studies student in a secular university, college girls will particularly benefit from the author’s insight to traps set by feminist perspectives of biblical womanhood.

Because of its fresh perspective and practical insight into living out feminine faith, Hive Resources gives ‘Radical Womanhood’ three honeycombs. We recommend that all women – married, single, newlywed, and college gals – add this resource to their arsenal for godly living.

 Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild by Mary Kassian

Are you a wild child?  In her latest book, ‘Girls Gone Wise In A World Gone Wild,’ award-winning author and women’s speaker, Mary Kassian explains that all Christian women have a “wild side.” Distinguished Professor of Women’s Studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kassian guides women through the snares of “wild” living touted by the world today.

Book Summary: ‘Girls Gone Wise’ calls women to grow in biblical femininity and discernment regarding the empty promises of culture by unpacking the story of the “typical Girl-Gone-Wild” in Proverbs 7. Noting 20 points of contrast between a “Wild Thing” and a “Wise Thing,” the author exposes the end result of living a life outside of Christ and the joy found in embracing Scripture’s call to femininity.

What I liked about the book:

  • Despite her academic background, the author has an easy-to-read, entertaining writing style.
  • Far from outlining a list of do’s and don’ts for godly living, the author emphasizes a woman’s need to cultivate her walk before the Lord by aligning her heart (her beliefs) with her feet (her behavior).
  • Far from railing against pop culture, this book is basically an inspiring and engaging exposition of Proverbs 7. Kassian makes the portrait of the “Girl-Gone-Wild” in Prov. 7 leap off the page into a contemporary setting.

Who should read this book?

  • Married women of all ages. Despite the kitschy cover art, this book speaks to the heart of women of all ages.
  • Single women. The truth Kassian draws from biblical passages on women will encourage single women to stay focused on their true purpose in life and passion for Christ.
  • Mothers of daughters. The book provides wonderful conversation starters for mothers and their teens on what godly living should look like in a culture gone wild.
  • Bible study groups. Because this book is chock full of practical tips for godly living in a ungodly culture, ‘Girls Gone Wise’ would make for lively Bible study or women’s small group material.

Hive Resources gives ‘Girls Gone Wise’ three honeycombs, because it is basically a spoon full of sugar (if sugar was miraculously good for you). It was by far, our favorite recommendation in this hive. We recommend that women of all ages buy this book for themselves and their daughters.

 Becoming God’s True Woman by Nancy Leigh Demoss

Book Summary: ‘Becoming God’s True Woman’ is a compilation of articles calling women to a counter-revolution in the evangelical world regarding biblical womanhood. Written by well-known women’s authors such as Carolyn Mahaney, editor Nancy Leigh Demoss, and Susan Hunt, the book’s four parts explore the scriptural mandate for wives to be “helpers” to their husbands. The book explores God’s divine design for women, modern day challenges to biblical womanhood, and the freedom and joy found in becoming God’s true woman.

What I liked about the book:

  • The book speaks to the world’s unbiblical fixation with equating a person’s value with their role in life.
  • The book gives practical tips from Scripture for avoiding extremes in biblical womanhood (ie: “embracing caricatures of femininity or rejecting it all together”). From help setting priorities to offering probing questions for self-evaluation, ‘Becoming God’s True Woman’ is a well-rounded tool for women seeking to live in light of God’s call to value home and family.
  • The book is realistic in its view of the difficult nature and task of living out biblical womanhood.
  • Editor Nancy Leigh Demoss offers an insightful look into the life of Mary of Nazareth. The 17 key characteristics of biblical womanhood outlined by Demoss will both inspire and challenge readers in their own call to rediscovering femininity.

Who should read this book?

  • Married women. Hive Resources recommends this book for women struggling to understand or live out biblical womanhood. And because the book offers a concise explanation of biblical womanhood, it would make for a great introduction for someone unfamiliar with Scripture’s plan for the genders.
  • Women’s small groups. Published with practical application questions at the close of the book, ‘Becoming God’s True Woman’ would make for a great small group study.

Hive Resources gives ‘Becoming God’s True Woman’ two honeycombs. Because it is a stellar resource written by trusted women of faith, we recommend Hive readers add this book to their Amazon wish-list right away. Why didn’t we give it three honeycombs? Although helpful, truthful and insightful, it is very similar to other books on the market.

Let Me Be A Woman by Elisabeth Elliott

Written to her daughter on the eve of her wedding, Elisabeth Elliott’s ‘Let Me Be A Woman’ is a mainstay for Christian women of all ages. Uniquely equipped by life’s experiences (widowed twice, married three times), Elliott helps women discern their identity in Christ while tackling issues concerning modern women.

Book Summary: While pop culture encourages women to view biblical womanhood with disdain, ‘Let Me Be A Woman’ discusses the significance of living out God’s divine design for the genders – true freedom and peace. Because gender is a gift given by the Giver, Elliott also calls women to accept their womanhood with thanksgiving.

What I liked about the book:

  • Despite being written at the height of the American feminist movement (1970s), the author’s words of caution still apply today.
  • The author draws on her experience as a missionary to the Auca people of Ecuador to demonstrate God’s plan for the genders transcends culture and social conditioning.
  • The author grounds her perspective of womanhood in the nature of God revealed in Scripture.
  • The author exposes the false dichotomy created by liberationists that biblical womanhood and intellectual pursuits are incompatible.

Who should read this book?

  • Married women of all ages. Elliott’s outline of “what makes a marriage work” includes both key biblical beliefs and practical insights.
  • Single women. Having lived as both a single woman and widow, Elliott’s sage advice concerning biblical womanhood stretches beyond marital status to the heart of a woman’s divine design.
  • Newlyweds. Because the book’s original reader is a new bride (Elliott’s only daughter), ‘Let Me Be A Woman’ is a treasure house for newlyweds or those engaged to be married.

Because of its beautiful prose and keen biblical and cultural insights, Hive Resources gives ‘Let Me Be A Woman’ three honeycombs. We recommend that all women add this resource to their personal library.

 The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer

Book Summary: Birthed out of Sherwood Picture’s Courageous Movie, ‘The Resolution for Women’ encourages women to champion God’s plan for marriage with an eye on transforming families and communities for Christ. Written by Bible study author Priscilla Shirer, ‘The Resolution for Women’ is a call to intentionality and includes 13 resolutions regarding life inside key spheres of a woman’s influence. Much more than a call to submission, this book is a call for authenticity in faith and family.

What I liked about the book:

  • The book is organized into short, easy-to-read vignettes allowing the reader to interact more closely with the text and Scripture. The thought-provoking questions offered at the close of each segment make the book well- suited to serve as a daily devotional.
  • I appreciated the author’s emphasis on women’s value and giftedness before Christ and the resulting loss of “uniqueness” caused by feminist theory.
  • While the world assigns self-worth based on the significance of assigned roles, the author aptly encourages women to view the value of their identity through the lens of their relationship with Christ. This truth is indispensible both for accepting God’s plan for femininity and fleshing out biblical womanhood in their own unique lives.
Hive Resources gives ‘The Resolution for Women’ three honeycombs, mainly because we were refreshed with its emphasis on authentic living. We whole-heartedly recommend this book to women in need of inspiration and tools to grow their family in Christ.

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Winners from are:


Congratulations ladies! I’ll be emailing you shortly to confirm your book choice! Thank you to all who participated!


  1. Amy B says

    Hey Melissa, I liked Hive on FB and want to enter the book giveaway – what an awesome promotion! I’m interested in:Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild by Mary Kassian.
    Thanks for all your are doing to change the demographics of Heaven!
    much love, Amy

  2. Lisa Regan says

    Hi Friends ! I liked Hive Resources on facebook :) Thank you for the opportunity to win the resolution for women ! Looking forward to God’s blessings upon my children through the revelation of His wisdom in our lives !

  3. nburris says

    ‘Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild’ is a book i am eyeing on right now .oh i think i have liked your page long time ago :-) ..Great work lis !

  4. Anita says

    I ‘liked’ you on FB – and I’m interested in 3 of these books!

    -The Resolution for Women (like the way it is laid out and the emphasis on relationship vrs. roles)
    -Radical Womanhood (would love to share this with my son’s girlfriend, college gal who is very curious about Bible)
    -Girls Gone Wise (came of age in the 70’s, have fallen for many of the ‘straw women’ ideas, need some fresh perspective)

  5. Latonya R says

    Nonfacebook user- so glad to find an awesome giveaway that supports no facebook- anywho:

    1. The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer

    2. Becoming God’s True Woman by Nancy Leigh Demoss


  6. Jessica Dohner says

    “The book provides wonderful conversation starters for mothers and their teens on what godly living should look like in a culture gone wild”– Must read Girls Gone Wild…, now! While my girls still little, I’m always looking for ways to teach them how to be odly women! Thanks for all your wonderful reviews, this site is such a great resource!

  7. Caroline Wear says

    All I can say is I need all the books!!! And
    Lots of help!!!I posted your site on my Facebook
    Page…..finally figured that one out! And I love
    This edition of hiveresources!!! Keep it up!

  8. Megan Sherman says

    Hey there! I liked the Hive Page on FB. I am interested in “Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild”. Would love to get a copy!

  9. Brittany Shook says

    Excellent books! Authors should hire you to summarize and sell their books for them……seriously! Very helpful also that you suggested appropriate audiences for the books. The Demoss or Elliot books are the two I’ve got my eye on.

  10. April says

    I am definitely interested in The Resolution for Women!!! Since I couldn’t “like” you again, I shared the link on my page. These are great resources for women. Thanks, Melissa!

  11. Debi says

    I liked your page on facebook and I’ll even share it as well! I am interested in all of the books but my first picks are:

    1. The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer
    2. Becoming God’s True Woman by Nancy Leigh Demoss

    Looking forward to exploring more of your site. =o)

  12. says

    Already ‘liked’ you on FB! :D

    Thanks so much for the opp to share your giveaway with my faithful friends at: EMPOWERING Christian Women!

    Love your giveaways!!!

    1. The Resolution for Women

    But, all the books are exceptional; I would be happy to receive any one of them!

  13. SJ says

    Hi, I have liked ‘Girl Power Giveaways’ on facebook. I am interested in “Let Me Be A Woman” by Elisabeth Elliott.

  14. says

    I ‘liked’Hive Resources on fb. The Resolution for Women and Becoming God’s True Woman both are very appealing to me. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  15. Zaneta says

    Hi Melissa, I want to read Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild the most! I’m embracing God’s role for me as a woman and I want to pass on that wisdom to my daughter.

  16. says

    I have always beleived that a wife or woman needs to live like a Proverbs 31 wife. In this day and age the “rules” might be a bit different but you still need to follow them, change them to fit the times we live in! I have embraced God’s word and his role for me as much as possible and pass this knowledge along to my daughter’s and granddaughters. The following books sound like they would be award winning books to pass the knowledge onto my daughters!
    1. The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer

    2. Becoming God’s True Woman by Nancy Leigh Demoss
    I am extremely happy to find a website like this, and very eager to engulf myself in more of God’s word.

  17. Glenda says

    Thank you for this opportunity! I have “liked” Hive Resources on FB. The book I am interested in is Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild, by Mary Kassian.


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